Cultural Routes between Art, Faith And Culture

Cultural Routes Between Art, Faith And Culture Recovery, enhancement and inclusiveness of the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Heritage of Mantua Scientific Directors: Andrea Adami, Luigi Fregonese,  Massimo Ferrari, Claudia Tinazzi, Carlo Togliani Collaborators: Ginevra Rossi, Marta Fasol, Daniela Mori, Jacopo Helder, Laura Taffurelli Founded by Fondazione Cariplo, Regione Lombardia Partners: Diocesi di Mantova (capofila progetto), Parrocchia di…
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The Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers for the city of Mantua

The Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers for the city of Mantua Scientific Directors: Stefania Campioli, Carlo Peraboni Collaborator: Carmen Angelillo, Martina Borini Partners: Comune di Mantova Contacts:, Project year: 2023-2025 The P.E.B.A. (Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers) is a fundamental plan to ensure accessibility and usability of buildings and public…
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The project for the permanent setting up of the Pisanello and Papi’s rooms in the Ducal Palace of Mantua

The project for the permanent setting-up of the Pisanello and Papi’s rooms in the Ducal Palace of Mantua Scientific Directors: Eduardo Souto de Moura, Barbara Bogoni Collaborators: Elena Montanari, Francesco Cancelliere, Matteo Colla (executive design); Manlio Mazzon (plant design); Luigi Fregonese, Andrea Adami, Laura Taffurelli, Jacopo Helder (Photogrammetric and TLS survey) Partner: Museo del Palazzo Ducale…
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MHD | Mantua Human Design – Ideas and projects for an accessible city

MHD | Mantua Human Design Ideas and projects for an accessible city Scientific Directors: Carlo Peraboni, Stefania Campioli Collaborator:  Marta De Leo, Sebastiano Marconcini, Chiara Minato Partners: Comune di Mantova, Vivi Amo Mantova – Progetto di ricerca per una città accogliente e accessibile Contacts: ; Project year: 2018 The Mantua Human Design research project focuses…
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Sidewalk Inventory in Sabbioneta

Daniele Treccani, a PhD of Department ABC at Politecnico di Milano, and collaborator of He.Su.Tech. group, is studying in his research the management of physical accessibility in historical sites, in particular he is focusing on the AI methods for the automatic retrieval of useful attributes of sidewalks, basing on a point cloud. The title of his research is “Point Cloud Processing for the accessibility management in historic urban environments. The case of Unesco site of Sabbioneta.” and…

3D digitization of Sabbioneta

He.Su.Tech. group members had the opportunity of testing on field a state-of-the-art survey instruments, the mobile mapping system Leica Pegasus:Two. The object of the survey was the historic city and UNESCO site of Sabbioneta. Leica Geosystem Italia kindly provided the instruments to support the researches of Hesutech. In specific, the purpose of the research connected to this survey was the exploitation of AI for the processing of the survey data and for the automatic computation of meaningful urban physical accessibility information of the historic urban environment.

Inclusione e Città Storica: Dialoghi per un’Architettura delle Persone

Inclusione e Città Storica Dialoghi per un’Architettura delle Persone Scientific Director: Sebastiano Marconcini Collaborators: Stefania Campioli, Silvia Mangili, Alessandro Morganti, Erica Isa Mosca, Olga Rosignoli, Daniele Treccani Contact: Il “Think Tank – Inclusione e Città Storica” organizza una giornata di studi per proseguire il dibattito iniziato con l’evento “Open Talks! sulla Progettazione Inclusiva”. La giornata si…
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Experiences & Actions for Sustainability. Land Repair Day. Goal 2030

The theme of sustainability discussed from multiple points of view through the experiences and concrete actions of different stakeholders was the subject of the seminar organized by the Land Repair group of Mantovalab. The experiences reported, different in type, purpose and users, have highlighted the need to act with an integrated approach. Starting from Goal 11, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the aim is to develop a 360° sustainability.


Inclusive Design Open Talks!

To foster a culture of inclusive design, the Think Tank “Inclusione e Città Storica” promotes a number of round tables through which we aim to set up a multidisciplinary dialogue. This event is intended as a moment of exchange between young researchers from national academia and research community working on inclusion and historical city.

Historical infrastructures, a resource for the future

The research began as part of the collaboration with the Association “Friends of the Railway Suzzara-Ferrara” that on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the construction of the railway line has activated some initiatives to disseminate the knowledge of this infrastructure.

Places Without Limits. In search of new relationships in the city

The idea of the workshop started from the Cooperation Agreement signed in June 2015 by the Municipality of Cerea and the Mantova Campus of the Politecnico di Milano.
The agreement formalized the desire to promote initiatives aimed at carrying out studies and research that could, on the one hand, allow the completion of qualified educational paths able to deal with the set of issues that affect the city today, and on the other hand provide the municipal administration the opportunity to acquire a set of functional reflections to trigger a discussion.

Mantova Human Design

The Mantova Human Design research project focuses on three themes: the city of Mantua, the people who live there, the project; three strongly connected areas on which attention has been focused in a connected way.
“Human” in the sense of a common denominator that identifies us as human beings, without further categorisation