Inclusive Design Open Talks!

The Think Thank "Inclusione e città storica"

Scientific Director: Sebastiano Marconcini

Collaborators: Stefania Campioli, Silvia Mangili, Alessandro Morganti, Erica Isa Mosca, Olga Rosignoli, Daniele Treccani




To foster a culture of inclusive design, the Think Tank “Inclusione e Città Storica” promotes a number of round tables through which we aim to set up a multidisciplinary dialogue. This event is intended as a moment of exchange between young researchers from national academia and research community working on inclusion and historical city. Our goal is to build together the progress of the research on these issues and suggest possible future directions of development.

The event will take place on September 9th, 2021, at the ABC Department, Edificio Nave – Aula Didattica “Punta Nave”, ground floor Via Bonardi, 9 – 20133 Milano. To attend, please send your request to:, until 1st september. Detailed information about the event in the attached poster.