The Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers for the city of Mantua

Scientific Directors: Stefania Campioli, Carlo Peraboni

Collaborator: Carmen Angelillo, Martina Borini

Partners: Comune di Mantova


Project year: 2023-2025

The P.E.B.A. (Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers) is a fundamental plan to ensure accessibility and usability of buildings and public spaces for all citizens. This plan starts from the removal of architectural barriers, but it points to make the city more inclusive and sustainable to allow everyone greater autonomy and security. The project, carried out in synergy with the municipal administration of Mantua, aims to identify the most appropriate policies and strategies for the development of the Plan and introduces the activation of two boards of consultation: a “Permanent consultation board on City Accessibility”, to allow the participation of all stakeholders (i.e. Associations representing persons with disabilities; Bodies and associations representing in various ways citizens with specific needs); and a “Coordination and technical reference board” to answer to the needs and requirements emerged in the first board. The project is developed in four phases divided in 3 years (from 2023 to 2025): the first phase was about the organization of the boards and the definition of the objectives and strategies for the PEBA, the second aims at the verification and review of the strategies and objectives of the PEBA, the third provides for the definition of project solutions, their planning and the draft of the PEBA, the last phase will be about the presentation of the PEBA to the citizens.