Project for a new square on the water in Porto Catena, Mantua

Project for a new square on the water in Porto Catena, Mantua Limit is an opportunity Scientific Directors: Massimo Ferrari, Claudia Tinazzi Collaborator: Nicola Cimarosti, Martin Corullon, Annalucia D’Erchia, Pedro Escoriza Torralbo, Federica Pugliese, Cristian Undurraga Contacts:, Project year: 2022 Mantua, sorrounded by water, preserves in the history of its formation an extraordinary liminal…
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For a Zero Horizon Atlas of the Landscapes. Lost and rediscovered ecotones

For a Zero Horizon Atlas of the Landscapes Lost and rediscovered ecotones Scientific Directors: Marco Borsotti, Christian Campanella, Luigi Fregonese, Luigi Spinelli Collaborator: Elia de Paoli, Giulia Zavaglio, Beatrice Ziviani Contacts:,, Project year: 2022 The project explores the eco-cultural and tourism potential offered by the navigability of the Po, Italy’s main river,…
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The River and the City. Re-qualification of the floodplain area of San Benedetto Po

The River and the City Re-qualification of the floodplain area of San Benedetto Po Scientific Directors: Andrew Berman, Angelo Lorenzi, Luca Cardani Collaborator: Linda Flaviani, Marcela Marques Costa Partners: Comune di San Benedetto Po Contacts:, Project year: 2022 The project offers an opportunity to reestablish the ancient relationship between people and the Great River, dealing…
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Enhancement of the Stable Meadows territory in the Mincio Valley​

Enhancement of the Stable Meadows territory in the Mincio Valley Scientific Directors: Carlo Peraboni, Carmen Angelillo Collaborator: Nicola Balboni Partners: Regione Lombardia, Latteria San Pietro, Comune di Goito, Comune di Marmirolo, Comune di Porto Mantovano, Comune di Roverbella  Contacts:, Project year: 2020-2021 An analysis of the Mantuan territory in the Mincio Valley reveals a complex and…
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Sidewalk Inventory in Sabbioneta

Daniele Treccani, a PhD of Department ABC at Politecnico di Milano, and collaborator of He.Su.Tech. group, is studying in his research the management of physical accessibility in historical sites, in particular he is focusing on the AI methods for the automatic retrieval of useful attributes of sidewalks, basing on a point cloud. The title of his research is “Point Cloud Processing for the accessibility management in historic urban environments. The case of Unesco site of Sabbioneta.” and…

3D digitization of Sabbioneta

He.Su.Tech. group members had the opportunity of testing on field a state-of-the-art survey instruments, the mobile mapping system Leica Pegasus:Two. The object of the survey was the historic city and UNESCO site of Sabbioneta. Leica Geosystem Italia kindly provided the instruments to support the researches of Hesutech. In specific, the purpose of the research connected to this survey was the exploitation of AI for the processing of the survey data and for the automatic computation of meaningful urban physical accessibility information of the historic urban environment.

aerial photogrammetric survey of the gardens_palazzo te_mantova_mantovalab

The “Gonzaga gardens” project. The survey for the recovery of the gardens of Palazzo Te in Mantua and Palazzo Giardino in Sabbioneta

The detailed survey of the Gonzaga gardens and the architecture that characterizes them, are part of an important research project, curated and coordinated by the Mantua and Sabbioneta World Heritage Office, and funded by MIBACT.

International Biennal of Ladscape Architecture – Barcelona – Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize

The event is an opportunity to collect landscape and planning projects carried out by universities around the world and verify the methodologies of approach and project strategies used.

Cultural Routes. European values through space and time

The research theme reflectS around projects capable of connecting different territorial and landscape situations which are, however, recognizable as characterized by common identity elements. In these contexts, the cultural itinerary becomes an opportunity to promote a heterogeneous set of architectural elements and places.

New connections for the Mincio Park. The ecological corridors between Monzambano, Cavriana and Solferino

The activity aimed at verifying the interference of territorial infrastructures and anthropic uses on ecological resources of the territories of the three municipalities.
A first phase of the work, of analytical nature, concerned the reconstruction of the framework of resources and constraints highlighted by regional, provincial and municipal planning.