For a Zero Horizon Atlas of the Landscapes

Lost and rediscovered ecotones

Scientific Directors: Marco Borsotti, Christian Campanella, Luigi Fregonese, Luigi Spinelli

Collaborator: Elia de Paoli, Giulia Zavaglio, Beatrice Ziviani


Project year: 2022

The project explores the eco-cultural and tourism potential offered by the navigability of the Po, Italy’s main river, in order to define a coordinated system of attractive elements, today little known, thanks to which new contact trajectories can be generated between the great Zero Horizon of the water plane and its neighboring territory. In this context, in Sermide, the Railway Station comes back to life through a musealized route that narrates it with augmented reality interventions and connects it to additional exhibition spaces along the tracks. The Research Unit was established as part of the research project “Architectures of Water,” sponsored by the Mantua Campus of the Milan Polytechnic and the UNESCO Chair in Architectural Planning and Protection in World Heritage Cities.