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The "Gonzaga gardens" project

The survey for the recovery of the gardens of Palazzo Te in Mantua and Palazzo Giardino in Sabbioneta

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Scientific Director: Luigi Fregonese

Collaborators: Laura Taffurelli, Silvia Chiarini, Stefano Cremonesi

Partner: Ufficio Mantova e Sabbioneta Patrimonio Mondiale

The detailed survey (carried out by the Hesutech group) of the gardens and the architecture that characterizes them, are part of an important research project, curated and coordinated by the Mantua and Sabbioneta World Heritage Office, and funded by MIBACT. The research was carried out by an interdisciplinary group made up of scholars, art historians, architects and agronomists, with the aim of deepening the knowledge and analysis of heritage assets in order to preserve and protect them. In general, the census and research was carried out on the Gonzaga gardens erected in the entire territory of the ancient Duchy of Mantua, with an in-depth study (historical study, surveys and analysis) aimed at the two most important edifices: Palazzo Te in Mantua and Palazzo Giardino in Sabbioneta.