Scientific support in drafting the Territorial Government Plan (PGT)

Scientific Directors: Carlo Peraboni, Martina Borini

Collaborator: Carmen Angelillo

Partners: Comune di Mantova

Project year: 2023 – 2025

The Territorial planning of the Municipality of Mantova is regulated by the Territorial Government Plan (PGT), an urban planning instrument composed of three documents: the Plan Document, the Services Plan, and the Rules Plan. Given the constant regulatory and disciplinary evolutions in the field of urban development, the Municipality has initiated a review of this instrument. Therefore, the work aims to:

  • Conduct methodological analyses and research to evaluate the impact of urban regeneration interventions on market values and dynamics.
  • Analyze the transformations in consolidated urban fabrics, particularly regarding the relationship between buildings, opens spaces and service provisions.
  • Conduct analyses to enhance the historical-architectural heritage, with a focus on the historic center;

Complete analyses to define a framework of knowledge for the drafting of the documents in the PGT.