HBIM convento santa maria castiglione hesutech

Santa Maria's Convent in Castiglione delle Stiviere Mantova

HBIM for conservation and redevelopment​


Scientific Director: Luigi Fregonese

Collaborators: Olga Rosignoli, Damiano del Pozzo, Andrea Adami, Laura Taffurelli, Silvia Chiarini, Stefano Cremonesi, Jacopo Helder, Daniele Treccani

Partner: Diocesi di Mantova – Ufficio Beni CUlturali ed Edilizia di Culto

106 laser scans, high resolution photogrammetric survey with GSD (resolution) at 1mm for processing the orthophotos of the fronts and a topographic framing network for georeferencing and information control. These data make up the 3D Geodatabase which is the starting point for the generating the HBIM of the ancient convent of Santa Maria in Castiglione delle Stiviere. All the further elaborations, drafted for representating the state of conservation of the building, are part of the documentations necessary to redevelopment project, enhancement and structural analysis wanted by the Diocese of Mantua.