Galleria_Chiaramonti_Vaticano_deformation analysis_sections_hesutech mantovalab

Galleria Chiaramonti, Musei Vaticani, Roma

A laser scanner survey for the analysis of the structural deformations of the Gallery's main facades

Galleria_Chiaramonti_Vaticano_vaults and floor cracks_hesutech_mantovalab

Scientific Director: Luigi Fregonese

Collaborators: Andrea Adami, Laura Taffurelli

Partner: Musei Vaticani – Rome

The upper Belvedere of the Chiaramonti Gallery was the object of surveys functional to the study and structural consolidation project. The deformation and cracking present in the horizontal structures and in the elevations was documented through a laser scanner survey. The data, collected by another working group, were analyzed and used for the return of profiles and deformed. Deformation maps and level curves were made to better represent and clarify, both for the barrel vault and for the facade towards the Galea, the state of disruption.