The Gonzaga’s Wunderkammer

Scientific Directors: Massimo Ferrari, Claudia Tinazzi

Collaborator: Annalucia D’Erchia, Pedro Escoriza Torralbo

Partners: Museo di Palazzo Ducale – Mantova


Project year: 2022

The project set out to rearrange the “Galleria delle Metamorfosi” at the Ducal Palace in Mantua in order to expand the tour of the palace itself, simultaneously and eventually allowing for an alternative and autonomous tour route, along with the Giardino dei Semplici and the Rustica. The new museum space, a contemporary Wunderkammer, translates the more established imagination associated with the idea of “rooms of wonders” by displaying the most representative icons of the ancient world of natural history in the least conventional and anticlassical way possible. Materials, colors, lights, reflections, notes and goals, unitedly concur in imagining a space where learning is borrowed from wonder, a playground for children that has the seriousness of a museum for adults.