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The bust of Francesco II Gonzaga

From digital documentation to 3D printing​

3d print busto _francesco_II_gonzaga_mantova_hesutech_mantovalab

Scientific Director: Luigi Fregonese, Andrea Adami

Collaborators: Laura Taffurelli, Lucia Crotti, Paola Giannini, Paolo Venier

Partner: Museo della Città of Palazzo San Sebastiano 

Geomatics technics and methods are able to provide a great contribution to the Cultural Heritage (CH) processes, being adaptable to different purposes: management, diagnosis, restoration, protection, study and research, communication, formation, and fruition of the Cultural Heritage. The 3D model of the terracotta Reinassance bust of Francesco II Gonzaga, in the City Museum of Mantua, was obtained from two digitization approaches and permitted to create a replica with 3D printing. Therefore, the digital or phisical copy can be used in many contexts and represent a tool to preserve and promote the CH.