“Relatorio de Estagio de Arquitectura – Eduardo Souto de Moura” exibition

Scientific Director: Barbara Bogoni

Collaborators: Francesco Cancelliere, Andrea Oliveiro


The exhibition displays the facsimile edition of the “Architecture Internship Report by Eduardo Souto de Moura”, which he presented at the Escola de Belas Artes of Porto when receiving his degree in 1980. Recently published by Casa da Arquitetura de Matosinhos, the manuscript document was realized while the architect was performing his military service, and it shows his theoretical and interdisciplinary references, the design projects he has studied and developed in his formation years, the participation in international workshops, the SAAL program and his internship in Fernando Távora’s studio. The exhibition highlights the treasure trove of ideas, experiences and opportunities that have nurtured the path of the master architect in the construction of his own discipline. The display is curated by Barbara Bogoni, and is currently on view at the Mantova Campus.