Scan-to-BIM: the survey of the Basilica of San Michele Maggiore in Pavia

Scientific Directors: Luigi Fregonese, Nora Lombardini

Collaborator: Andrea Adami, Jacopo Mario Helder, Barbara Fazion, Laura Taffurelli, Daniele Treccani

Partners: Associazione “Il Bel San Michele” O.d.V.

Project year: 2021-2022

SCAN-to-BIM is the process of creating an HBIM model of an existing building or space from the three-dimensional survey of the asset, carried out by laser scanner or photogrammetric methodology, from the ground or from UAS (drone).
The acquired and processed data make it possible to obtain a point cloud that can be imported into BIM modeling software and used to obtain digital models of the existing to which information can be linked, useful for many applications (management and design of restoration, structural improvement or maintenance interventions, etc.). In the case of the Basilica of San Michele in Pavia, a topographically and photogrammetrically accurate survey of the geometries and internal surfaces, as well as of the external volumes, was carried out to document the monument’s state of affairs (the last complete survey dates back to the 19th century). The data collected make it possible to create a digital model aimed both at the management of the multiple information and documentation present (historical, material, diagnostic, etc.) and at the interpretation and representation of what is still not known and is being investigated (technologies and stratifications of the different phases of intervention that led to the current layout of the church).