Duomo_Mantova_Hesutech_rilievo_laser scanner

HBIM for programmed conservation


Scientific Director: Luigi Fregonese

Collaborators: Andrea Adami, Laura Taffurelli, Olga Rosignoli, Daniele Treccani

Partner: Ufficio Beni Culturali ed Edilizia di Culto – Diocesi di Mantova

Contact: hesutech@polimi.it

A HBIM model, aimed at the management of an architectural in the frame of programmed conservation, has been realized for the Cathedral of San Pietro in Mantua. The research work, carried out between 2017-2019, is part of a project funded by the Cariplo Foundation in collaboration with the Diocese of Mantua. The surveyof the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle, restored in the sixteenth century by Giulio Romano, and the annexed architecture, was carried out with the laser scanner methodology for precise documentation of the As-Built. The project also provided for a structural monitoring campaign for the care and conservation of the building in the logic of preservation.